Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade

1                 Definitions

1.1 Company means Wonderwash Limited.

1.2 Customer means the person, or company buying the goods and/or services from the company.

1.3 Job means the work carried out by the company.

1.4 Contract means the contract between the company and the customer for the purchase of the goods and/or services.

2                 The Entire Contract

2.1 Unless otherwise agreed before any work commences. These terms are the entire standard contract under which Wonderwash will provide its goods and services; and

2.2 No other terms or conditions are to be implied into any transaction between Wonderwash and the customer; and

2.3 If the customer accepts a Wonderwash quotation, the customer accepts these terms.

3                 Quotation Conditions

3.1 If, subject to the exceptions in subsections 4.2 and 4.4, the customer accepts a quotation on or before the 60′” day after the quotation date, Wonderwash will be bound by the terms of the quotation, except where variations in the quote are sought by the customer whereby Wonderwash reserves the right to supply an updated quote, or any other exception which shall be at the discretion of Wonderwash. However any changes to the quote will be agreed upon by both parties prior to commencement of work.

3.2 At any time Wonderwash may withdraw a quotation which the customer has not yet accepted, at their discretion.

3.3 A quotation will not bind Wonderwash after the 60th day, without written agreement.

3.4 Any quotation which is given over the phone before Wonderwash has physically inspected the site, shall not be binding.

3.5 Wonderwash may, over and above the quotation, recover from the customer any costs which Wonderwash incurs because the customer has failed to observe any of its responsibilities under section 5.

3.6 Unless expressly stated, the quotation does not include GST.

3.7 Unless otherwise specified an exterior clean of the customer’s house/building includes: exterior of spouting, eaves, cladding and window. It does not include chimneys above the gutter line, roofs, or balconies attached to the house. These can be quoted for separately if required. Please note exterior windows are only rinsed; therefore, the results are sometimes not the same as that achieved by a specialised window cleaner.

3.8 For the purposes of this quotation “low pressure” is defined as water pressure in the range of 0 – 1500 psi tip pressure.

3.9 Unless otherwise specified, cleaning the inside of gutters is by hand only, and is to remove weeds, leaves and other loose debris, where access allows.

3.10 Unless otherwise specified a roof treatment involves an application of a moss and algae agent. This is a slow release process and can take up to 12 months total cleaning.

4                 Workmanship and Responsibility

4.1 If for any reason a customer is dissatisfied with the job provided by Wonderwash, they must immediately report their dissatisfaction to the Director of Wonderwash.

4.2 Wonderwash will not assume any responsibility if the actions of the customer or any third party (including trades people and contractors) adversely affects the quality and delivery of the job.

4.3 Whilst Wonderwash technicians will take all reasonable care and advise customers of any potential risks, Wonderwash assumes no liability for any damage which is due to the customer’s failure to observe any of its responsibilities under section 5

4.4 Wonderwash will not be liable for any failure or delay to deliver its goods and/or services which are caused by circumstances out of its control including, but not limited to: material shortage, labour supply, transport, weather conditions, other natural events, or from the customer’s failure to observe any of the client’s responsibilities under section 5.

4.5 Wonderwash reserves the right to charge up to 20% of the accepted portion of the quotation, if the customer fails to notify Wonderwash of cancellation prior to twenty four hours of any scheduled job.

5                 The Client’s Responsibilities.

Unless otherwise specified, all Wonderwash quotes are provided on the basis that the customer must:

5.1  Ensure that Wonderwash has clear site access; and

5.2 Ensure that a water supply is available on the site and is of sufficient pressure; and

5.3 Ensure they follow any instructions given by Wonderwash in relation to the job to be done; and

5.4 Ensure that any system at the site, which collects water from a roof or spouting system (for the purposes of drinking or other specified use), is disconnected and not reconnected until the roof and spouting system is completely free from product residues from the  job; and

5.5 Ensure pets are kept away from the cleaning area during cleaning and until all surfaces are dry; and

5.6 Ensure that all joinery, flashings, external wall claddings, wall to floor surfaces (internal & external), at the site are sufficiently seated against water damage; and

5.7 Ensure that all electrical components at the site (including, but not limited to: wiring, sockets, switches, sensor lights, alarms, automatic doors, garage doors, meter boxes etc.) are isolated against water damage; and

5.8 In the event that any mains power equipment (including, but not limited to, mains power entering the house/building) has to be disconnected, then disconnection and reconnection costs will be charged to the customer as an extra cost. However, customers will be notified and permission sought before any disconnection of power occurs; and

5.9 Ensure that nothing on the site will prevent Wonderwash from complying with its obligations as an employer, pursuant to the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992.

6                 Payment and Debt Recovery.

6.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the customer must pay the full price for Wonderwash’s goods and services immediately after those goods and services are delivered. No period of credit is agreed to unless negotiated separately in writing or as noted on the quotation.

6.2 Without predjudice to its other legal rights, Wonderwash may, from the date it was due, charge the client interest at the rate of 24% per annum (calculated daily) for any unpaid portion of the full price for any goods and services it has supplied to the client.

6.3 Wonderwash may recover from the client the full amount of any reasonable collection costs or legal fees, which it incurs enforcing its rights under sub-clauses 6.1 and 6.2.


7                 Confidentiality

7.1  Wonderwash shall observe all its; obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, which relate to the customer’s business and documents. Information about the customer may be kept by electronic or manual storage medium. The customer has express rights at any reasonable time to be given access to any information on the customer that is stored by the company. The only information that will generally be retained is the details of the quotation and subsequent information relative to acceptance of the quotation, job completion details and payment details

7.2 Where the customer owes an outstanding amount for Wonderwash’s goods and services, Wonderwash may communicate any information to a legal firm or a collection agency, as is necessary for the agencies to perform their functions on Wonderwash’s behalf.

7.3 The customer consents to Wonderwash using the customer’s address information for Wonderwash’s own direct marketing purposes.